MSN Dial-up

MSN Dial-up is an Internet service provider operated by Microsoft in the United States and later in many other countries. This application, originally called The Microsoft Network, was launched as a proprietary online service that coincides with the release of Windows 95 on August 24, 1995 . 1996 and 1997, the Internet service provider 's again a revised version of the Internet in an interactive multimedia web-based review ( Multimedia ) was an early experiment in content. Later in 2007 Microsoft also introduced Wi-Fi Finder service called WiFi Hotspot . Microsoft renamed the MSN Internet Access service in 1998 and focused the ' MSN ' brand on its web portal with the same name ( Today, the company still provides dial-up Internet access under 'MSN Dial-Up' for users who are unable to access high-speed broadband. MSN was the second largest dial-up internet service provider in the US behind long-standing AOL , but few in the US still rely on the dial-up network. MSN, Dial-Up Connection Service, as well as , Firewalland e-mail account to a subscriber @ for use with security software such as anti-virus programs. It also offers these extra features as a standalone subscription service for broadband Internet access users named 'MSN Premium'. Microsoft Network: The MSN concept was created by Microsoft's Advanced Technology Group under the chairmanship of Nathan Myhrvold. MSN is originally considered a subscription-based dial-up online service and a custom content provider, such as America Online ( AOL ) or CompuServe . The 1.0 version of the service, officially known as 'Microsoft Network' , was launched on August 24, 1995 along with Windows 95 . The Microsoft Network was originally introduced through an artificial folder-like graphical user interface integrated into the Windows Explorer file management program . The categories on MSN appeared as folders on the file system. The interface was designed by Clement Mok and used high color graphics.MSN was included in Windows 95 installations and introduced via Windows and other Microsoft software available at the time. Product support and discussion, news and weather, basic e-mail features, chat rooms and message boards similar to news groups, such as MSN service was presented. He also suggested Internet access via Internet Explorer . The media discussed whether MSN would be an 'Internet killer' and some companies hedged their bets in the first year, preparing content on both MSN and the World Wide Web. However, MSN launched too late to be a real threat to the web. Bill Gates re-focusing Microsoft on the InternetFollowing the Internet Tidal Wave rating, MSN began to move its content to the internet and promote itself more actively as an Internet service provider. After the release of MSN 2.0 in 1996, Microsoft renamed its original proprietary online service to 'MSN Classic'. Microsoft eventually closed all access to MSN Classic service in 1998. MSN 2.0 : In 1996, in response to the growing relevance and rapid growth of the World Wide Web, Microsoft created a new Internet version called 'MSN 2.0' and combined Internet access with web-based multimedia content as a new program. 'MSN Program Viewer' was named. The service was promoted to existing MSN subscribers from 10 October 1996; December 10, 1996 was published in general. Microsoft was promoted to MSN 2.0 with a series of advertisements and promotional materials describing the service, using "Every new universe begins with a big explosion". In the fall of 1996, the company submitted the first version of the new MSN 2.0 service on a CD-ROM that MSN sent to its subscribers. When installed, the CD-ROM has opened an interactive video called 'MSN Preview', which is ambitious and flashy. This is a basic experience that introduces current and potential subscribers to the new version of MSN and describes the features of MSN 2.0 software. MSN Preview was filmed at the Paramount Theater in Seattle and formatted as a tour guided by a fake premiere event for the new MSN. He welcomed audiences outside of the theater and then allowed them to meet with several characters throughout the theater. Each was hosted by a witty and sarcastic character called "Michael", representing one of MSN 2.0's "On-Stage" channels. Alan was the main platform for interactive multimedia content in MSN 2.0. After installation, members have access to MSN content via the MSN Program Viewer, an animated, stylized and streamlined interface on the top of the Internet Explorer 3.0 web browser. When members logged in, there would be several different 'Channels' with categories for the various types of content found on MSN. These channels include new services launched in 1996; MSNBC, which is now known as, started as a partnership between Microsoft and NBC . and Slate is an online journal focusing on politics and current events. Both websites can be used by all Internet users and are now available, but are no longer owned by Microsoft. Also shortly after the release of MSN 2.0, Microsoft's popular Internet Play Area, which turned into MSN Games , was also integrated. Interactive multimedia content was presented in a TV-like format called MSN shows as part of the 'Stage' section. Many shows and sites included an interactive online nighttime show called 'Netwits', a website, and a regular celebrity interview and web surfing session called 'One Click Away'. These new destinations, like 'Basic Information' in MSN, have been stamped with other Microsoft web-based services such as CarPoint and Expedia. An additional 'Contact' section was created around email, chat rooms ( marked as MSN Chat and moved to standard IRC protocol) and newsgroups ( moved from Usenet to a custom architecture ); A 'Find' section was reserved to search the MSN content and the rest of the Internet; It also provided the calendar of upcoming events and new shows on MSN. The new content extensively used multimedia and interactive features including early applications for VBScript and Macromedia Shockwave Flash (originally called 'FutureSplash') for animations. While the MSN shows approach was unique and innovative, the content was not easily accessible by members with low-definition computers and slow dial-up connections. High-speed internet access was not common at that time, and some users subscribed to monthly dial-up networking plans, limiting the number of hours allowed to access the service. MSN 2.0 software also appeared unstable and often unexpectedly. MSN 2.5: After abandoning the interactive multimedia format in 1997, MSN was refocusing its service, this time a more traditional Internet access service. With the release of MSN 2.5 (called 'Metro' and sometimes referred to as 'MSN Premier' in marketing materials) in 1997, some proprietary MSN-branded content was still available through the MSN Program Viewer, but service was primarily driven by members. The e-mail service for MSN members starting with MSN 2.5 was taken from a proprietary Microsoft Exchange Server environment that redirected e-mails to both the standard POP3 and SMTP protocols for both MSN Classic and MSN 2.0 . Outlook Express with the introduction of Internet Explorer 4.0Microsoft's own Internet Mail and News, including any Internet e-mail program can be accessed. MSN also launched "Friends Online," which allows members of .NET Messenger Service to pioneer members, allowing members to add each other as friends, view their online status, and send instant messages. 'MSN Quick Launch', an icon in the Windows notification area that accompanies MSN 2.5 to MSN Program Viewer. Like MSN Program Viewer in MSN 2.0, menu members in MSN Quick Launch can be updated dynamically to redirect to updated MSN content and services. MSN 2.6 and 5.0 With the release of MSN 2.6 in 1998, Microsoft renamed the 'MSN Internet Access' service and MSN Program Viewer was completely left in favor of Internet Explorer . Another new version of MSN Internet Access 5.0 was released in 1999 with Internet Explorer 5.0. MSN 5.0 was the same as MSN 2.6, as well as offering a newer version of the browser. Microsoft also restarted the Microsoft Internet Start web portal in 1998 as and began focusing on providing services to users of other Internet service providers under the 'MSN' brand. Hotmail (acquired by Microsoft in December 1997) and MSN Messenger Service for instant messaging were launched in 1999, based on the success of MSN's web-based e-mail service . Unlike the 'Online Friends' service provided with MSN 2.5 that requires an MSN membership, anyone with a free Microsoft Passport or Hotmail account can use MSN Messenger. With the introduction of Windows XP in 2001 (including Internet Explorer 6.0), Microsoft started providing content to MSN Internet Access subscribers through a program called MSN Explorer . This program is similar to the early MSN Program Viewer, which provides access to MSN web sites, email, instant messaging, and other content on a web browser (an Internet Explorer shell) based on the Trident placement engine. MSN Explorer is similar to AOL Desktop with a built-in email client and provides access to the content of AOL members. After switching to MSN Explorer, email for MSN members was integrated into Microsoft's Hotmail architecture and could be accessed from the web in the same way as other Hotmail accounts. MSN Explorer, Hotmail 's Windows Live brand to last until @ my email inbox and folders (' MSN Mail 'also known as) did not provide a user interface to navigate. MSN subscribers were upgraded to the standard version of Hotmail in 2008, but with additional storage capacity compared to free Hotmail users. Microsoft shut down Hotmail progressively and in 2013 Outlook.combut MSN subscribers still receive @ email addresses to use with ad-free service. Legacy members may continue to use these addresses with once they have completed their subscriptions . MSN 6 and 7 The first beta version of the pre-release version of MSN Explorer was included with Windows code name 'Whistler build 2410', which was originally included in Windows XP and Windows XP. The server versions of beta were not included. The latest version, MSN Explorer version 6.0 (officially enumerated to follow the latest version of the older MSN 5.0 software), was released in October 2001 and installed on Windows XP. Anyone using Windows XP can choose to use MSN Explorer regardless of their MSN membership status. The MSN Explorer user interface matched Windows XP visual styles , and HTML5 used relatively responsive animations that would not become widespread in web browsers until a few years later. Microsoft has started sending MSN Explorer software as 'MSN' starting with version 7, which is an update released shortly after the first release of Windows XP. In 2002, Microsoft stopped the development of the free version of the software in favor of a version provided with MSN dial-up and premium subscriptions. The version of MSN Explorer later than 7.5 requires a paid subscription, but it is possible to use another Internet service provider when accessing content provided through MSN Explorer software. The latest free version of MSN software has been downloadable for a while. MSN 8 and 9 MSN versions 8 and 9 were released in 2002 and 2004 respectively. As of MSN version 9, the software made it compulsory for a user to have a Microsoft account account, but may or may not require an active subscription to other MSN services, depending on the version. The interface also contains many Flash animations. Version 9.5 added compatibility with Windows Vista . The release was released on June 9, 2008. The version includes revisions required for a new mailbox synchronization technology and the necessary fixes to replace the MSN Parental Controls menu options with links to the new Microsoft family properties (Windows Live Family Security) feature. MSN 10 and 11 Microsoft launched MSN version 10 in November 2009 after Windows 7 was released. Full compatibility with Internet Explorer 8, the Internet roaming controller, and the ability to exclude uploading MSN Messenger. Photo 10.2, photo email integration with SkyDrive (now OneDrive ), adding photos or a photo slideshow to others for which you can download a copy, and customizable toolbarwas released in 2011, including button groups. Version 10.5 added minor enhancements to MSN software; Most importantly, Microsoft has changed the user agent to a new web browser to bypass 'old browser' warning messages on some websites. MSN Explorer 11 was released in April 2014. This is the current version that offers compatibility with Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 11, adds tabbed browsing and brings the "remember me" feature. Since 2013, the software still has a chat message client based on Microsoft's Messenger service, even though it's progressive in favor of Skype . MSN Mac OS X For Mac OS X , MSN was a dial-up client interface for Microsoft's pay-per-charge online services for Mac users. In some respects, the software was comparable to the AOL dial-up client with its channel-based interface, built-in chat and instant messaging features, parental controls, and the ability to host multiple display names. Internet Explorer 5 used in the Mac version of the Tasman layout engine. Eliminated in March 2005. Following the discontinuation of MSN for Mac OS X, Microsoft continued to offer Microsoft Messenger for Mac, a client that caused instant messaging, requiring only a free Microsoft Account account. Skype as mentioned beforeChanged Messenger in 2013. MSN Premium For customers with high-speed broadband Internet access, 'MSN Premium' is a subscription service that is provided by Microsoft and combines firewall and anti-virus software provided by McAfee and Spy Sweeper , as well as a number of different Internet services. To use MSN Premium, users subscribe to the service through the site or by purchasing DSL from one of the MSN partners, such as Verizon or Qwest in the United States, or Bell Internet in Canada. Microsoft also started Windows LiveWith the brand Verizon offered first class services. MSN Premium, delivered through Verizon, was deployed on March 1, 2012, and users could no longer use MSN Premium with Verizon after that date.

Sassi of Matera

Sassi di Matera , Italy 's Basilicata in autonomous Matera the city is famous for the ancient cave houses in two districts ( the Sasso Caveoso and Sasso Barisano ). The Sassi shows traces of a prehistoric first human settlement, and the Sassi is thought to be one of the first human settlements in Italy. People of BC. There was evidence that he lived here in 7000 years. In 1993 , it was declared a World Heritage Site .

Kingdom of Greece

Kingdom of Greece ( Greek : Βασίλειον της Ελλάδος Vasilion tis Ellados ), the period in 1832. superpowers United Kingdom , Austria-Hungary , Prussia , France and the Russian Empire is proclaimed by the state. Following the declaration of independence, it was recognized internationally by the treaty dated 30 August 1832, in which it took full independence from the Ottoman Empire . Greek War of Independencein 1924, the kingdom was overthrown and remained in place until the establishment of the second Greek Republic. Later, in 1935, the republic was replaced by the kingdom in 1935, and this time dominated the territory of Greece until the end of a seven-year period of military coup, and today it was included in the establishment of the modern Republic of Greece . Greek revolt with Ottoman eye Main articles: Greek Revolt and Greek War of Independence In the Ottoman Empire , the nationalist movement, fueled by the French Revolution , attracted a number of minorities in the Ottomans as well as many peoples in Europe . Although the first uprising in the Ottoman Empire were Serbs , Greeks carried out the most systematic organization and action. Only the Russians supported the rebellion of Serbs , while the whole of Europe supported the Greek independence movement. According to the Ottoman rulers, the Fener Greek Patriarch, Grigoryos , who was in Istanbul at the time, supported the rebels. The grand vizier, who, after questioning the Patriarch Grigoryos, was convinced of his relationship with the Greek uprising.Benderli Ali Pasha issued an order to his execution on 22 April 1821. After the Patriarch was hanged, the door of the room where he was taken out was taken to the exile. Today, the door is still closed due to the initiative of the church. This door is also known as the Petro Gate or Middle Gate . Rebellion began not only in Greece but also in Mora . However , the Greeks living in Anatolia gave full support to the Greek Cypriots . Europe, who recognized the Renaissance and ancient Greek culture, was fascinated by the Greeks. For this reason, all states were oppressing the Ottoman Empire for the independence of Greece. But with the eyes of the Ottomans, the Greeks had a special place with other proportions to other minorities. Foreign language professors have even been appointed as customs officers and interpreters. Seeing the full support of Europe, the Greeks accelerated their preparations for rebellion. In 1814, they established the Filiki Eterian Society and made their motions motivate their Megali Idea . Their aim was to reclaim the lands owned by the Byzantine Empire in time. For this reason, they started their first uprisings on the Eflâk - Boğdan territory. But this revolt could be suppressed by the Ottoman Empire in a short time. The rebellions were suppressed by the help of the Ottoman State and the provincial governors, but every intervention by the Ottomans reacted with the European states. In 1827, Russia, the United Kingdom and France came together and agreed that Greece should be an autonomous principality and expelled all Turks living in the Greek territory, with the aim of destroying the Balkan lands in the Ottoman Empire . When this decision was forwarded to the Ottoman Empire, the Sultan refused and burned the Ottoman Fleet by sending the fleets to the Ottoman Empire. The Ottomans sent calls to these states for compensation of the damage, but Russia responded to this call by fighting. In 1828, the Ottoman Empire was defeated in the war with the Russians. Many historians attributed this defeat to the fact that the Janissary Corps had not yet been lifted and the new army was prepared for war and not accustomed. When Russia started to occupy Erzurum and Kars by taking advantage of this empty moment of the Ottoman Empire and started to move towards Trabzon , the Ottoman Empire wanted peace from Russia through Prussia in order not to miss its land . With the acceptance of Russia, the Treaty of Edirne was signed. According to the agreement, the Ottoman Empire would give Greece independence. fter the Greek Independence Struggle, Yannis Kapodistrias ( istννη John adıαποδςστριαί - known in Europe as John Capodistria ) led Greece to escape the sovereignty of the Ottoman Empire. However, the independence of Greece has been assassinated and died before being recognized internationally. In 1832 London Conference 'in the same time period accepted superpowers United Kingdom, Russia, France, Greece throne, the 17-year-old Bavarian Ottooffered. Prince Otto was the first king of the Kingdom of Greece. Otto was not of the age for the throne, so he returned to Greece until 1835 when he ran the council on behalf of the regent council for Otto. Otto, in his remarks and leadership, was holding advisors from Bavaria, and sometimes his own. This continued until the rebellion of 3 September 1843. Together with the uprising, Otto was forced to issue a constitution to Greece. He ruled the country as a constitutional kingdom until he was dethroned in 1863. In 1863, King Otto overturned, instead of I. Georgios name with the Danish king's 17 year old son Prince William also passed. He sat on the throne for 50 years and the period of Georgios I was called the expansion period for the Kingdom of Greece. In the early years, Greece was a rather small country. A large part of the Aegean Islands , Thrace , Macedonia and Thessaly were not within the borders. During the reign of Georgios the British handed the Ionian Islands to Greece in 1864, which they had been entitled to use since 1815 . Russia and the Ottoman Empire in war in 1881 benefiting from the chaos of Greece, Thessalywith a portion of some territory took some territory. The fact that Georgios I was so active at the political level was a danger in some circles, and the second king of Greece was assassinated in Thessaloniki , which was unofficially linked to Greece . After King Georgios was killed, the country experienced a series of wars with the Ottomans. These battles could not get a full result. The economy of Greece started to deteriorate. As the situation worsened, the Greek economy was internationally controlled, and in 1910 Elefthérios Venizélos ( Greek : ιλευεριο: ( ενι Venλοé) was appointed prime minister to assist King Constantine I. Together with this, the country entered a period of recovery with the ratio. After the start of World War I, there was a clash of ideas between Venizélos, who held the British and the French, and King Constantine, who had held the Germans. Venizélos, who succeeded in overthrowing King Constantine Iinstead, he managed to get Aleksander his son. Eventually, Venizélos fought against the Germans and their allies (including the Ottoman Empire), and the Ottoman Empire had to accept the Treaty of Sevres because it was defeated in this war . With the Treaty of Sevres , Greece gained huge land gains. The armies that were under the command of Mustafa Kemal, who opposed this treaty , attacked the Greeks from Izmir , where they won the treaty with war. Constantine was on the throne again during the Lausanne Treaty , since his son Aleksander had died of a monkey bite. With the expulsion of the Greeks from Izmir, the Council was again dethroned and died in Sicily , where it was sent into exile . Then the Greeks, the Treaty of Sevres they have returned with the Treaty of Lausanne. In 1923, the official stopped the war between Greece and Turkey by the Treaty of Lausanne. This time, however, domestic unrest was leading. After a year with a great uprising, in 1924, the kingdom regime was overthrown and the republic was declared. The second republic, which had been established in Greece until that day, was not even known by all the states; The son of Constantine I, II. Georgios passed the throne. The Greek kingdom held management for a time, and finally in 1967 the army overthrew the kingdom by seizing power. The King of the Period II. Constantine had to leave the country. In 1974, Konstantin Karamanlis was appointed as the prime minister and was declared the third and last republic in Greece.

Avatar: List of the Last Airbender characters

Avatar: The Emmy award-winning line that has been released for three seasons in the last Airbender Nickelodeon and the CNBC-e Nickelodeon generation . The seriesdeals with a war that started with the Fire Nation attempting to take over the worldas a result of the disappearance of the Avatar, who held the balance between theother three nations ( Air Travelers , the Earth Kingdom, and the Water Tribe ) and the Fire Nation , and the only force in the world that would provide peace in theworld. Due to the absence of the Avatar, the world was in a century of war; Air travelers eliminatedIt was brought to the brink of extinction of the people of the Su tribe and the end of the colonization activities in the Earth Kingdom. The main hero of the series is Aang . Aang survived for 100 years after being accidentally frozen in an iceberg. Along with his new friends Katara and Sokka , who later liberated him, and Toph , Aang sets out to master the three elements he doesn't know and finishes the war in his absence, which has swept the world. In the series he focuses primarily on Prince Zuko , the heir of the Fire Nation, which focuses on Aang , while at the same time he has begun the struggle for world domination in the absence of the Avatar . Zuko was initially portrayed as an antagonist trying to catch Aang ; butWith the help of his uncle , he eventually shaped his complex feelings about this war and became one of the heroes. This change in the heart of Zuko has caused the main antagonist to change as Zuko's sister Princess Azula . Although she was portrayed as a cunning and cruel personality with the ability to handle others in an easy way, she was also shown to be an insecure person, a belief that, in the future, she would be betrayed by anyone and would lead her to madness. A group of character designs have been developed thanks to one of the creators of the series: Bryan Konietzko . The main sketch was depicted in the form of a middle-aged monk with an arrow at the beginning and then the flying bison to be included. Bryan Konietzko 's partner, Michael Dante DiMartino , was always interested in documentaries on the South Pole . They then combined these ideas and created the concept of "fire people" who attacked them with "air and water people" trapped in a snowy barren place. In addition, the authors set the different bending abilities of the characters on the individual styles of martial arts. Character Concept: Avatar: The Last Airbender 's characters were designed by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko , the co-producer of the series . Anime-style character art was inspired by Shinichiro Watanabe 's Cowboy Bebop , Samurai Champloo , and FLCL Gainax ( Fooly Cooly ). Studio 4 ° C , Production IG , and Studio Ghibli studios that produce anime-style drawings are among the sources inspired. The greatest influences in the series are the Asian art and stories; The personalities and characteristics of the characters include philosophical teachings such as Taoism and Buddhism . In addition, the elements that each character bends are based on 4 classical elements in the ancient philosophy: Water , Earth , Fire and Air . Each of these elements reflects a different martial art style in their fighting choreographies: Ba Gua , Havabükme ; Hung Gar in Toprakbukme ; Northern Shaolin , Feverbud and Tai ChiAt the subdivision . Each of these combat styles reflects the character of the bender and the nation as a whole. For example, Ba Gua involves the use of unstable cyclic movements and centripetal force instead of brute force to give birth to power. This is reflected in the bending style of Aang and leads him to be in an unpredictable and overly comfortable personality and peaceful nature. Many of the repetitive characters of the sequence (usually in the foreground) retain these properties in the depths of their personality, which are fundamental to their own elements. Aang is a peaceful priest and his carefree, childish attitude rests on the free spirit of air and wind. Although Toph is blind, he is one of the best who can comprehend the world environment by communicating with the earth. But in criticizing others, unlike Aang, he is extremely rude, he has a temperament which is like the hardness and impermeable nature of the soil. Main characters: Aang Main article: Aang Aang ( Mitchel Musso, the first episode of the American broadcast, followed by Zach Tyler Eisen ) is the main protagonist of the series. It is the current body of the Avatar and the spirit of the universe in human form. He is a forced hero, usually seeking to enjoy life, and carefree. The peaceful and vegetarian nature reveals the love of life, which is the basic principle of Budism. They aimed to make Aang amaç a master of intelligence "and eci a hero of tricks Yarat. Although Aang is generally carefree, he becomes serious during times of crisis and danger. Aang was rescued by Katara and Sokka from a sleeping life. Together, the three seek to teach Aang three elements (Water, Earth, Fire) that he did not know. After Aang, he learns the subduction at the North Pole and continues his training with Katara in the continuation of the series. He learns the soil from Toph, Zebok and Zuko from the last two dragons in the world. It also helps a variety of people from the Four Nation. At the end of the series, Aang defeats the Fire King at the end of the series, but does not kill him by emphasizing his opposition to violence. Qatar Main article: Katara Katara ( Mae Whitman , American broadcast singer) is the only survivor of the Southern Water Tribe since the attacks of Southern Akincilar and the abduction of all the water-benders in the tribe many years ago. At the age of fourteen, he mastered the art of substitution, and thus Aang was learning to land and simultaneously taught him the subject of subduction. It's the "protector" of the group. Katara is very stubborn and has been described by as an "animate woman character". Katara is portrayed as a very capable Suburban. It can circulate water to objects, make water whips, and manage blood with others. Socks Main article: Sokka Sokka ( Jack DeSena , American broadcast singer) is one of the oldest warriors of the South Su tribe in her 15s , and she is the older brother of Katara. After recovering Aang from the iceberg and learning that it was his Avatar, he joined Katara together with Aang to find the masters of the four elements and defeat the King of Fire. After the war, peace has come to the world. Although she came from a tribe with a submarine ability, she has not passed this talent and is struggling to be a worthy fighter and leader. Instead of bending, he uses his wits and his bumerang, machete and meteor-hammered sword. Toph Main article: Toph Bei Fong Toph (In the first three chapters, in the other sections, Yonca Cevher Yenel ) is a blind Toprakbükme master from the reputable Bei Fong family in Gaoling . Her parents are overprotective and regard her blindness as a limitation. In order to get rid of this situation , Toph learned about Toprakbükme from Körsıçanlar and became a famous fighter for a while. He then left home completely to help his family's protectionism and helped Aang as a master of Toprakbükme. Toph is extremely independent, sarcastic, direct, brutally honest and defiant; In general, the group is described as the aggressive and masculine girl. Unlike the other ground-shacklers, his visual disability enabled him to create a distinct style that was not based on Hung Gar , which was similar to the later version of Southern Praying Mantis . This type of power, low kicks with the emphasis on the physics of Toph completes. Toph escaped from a metal box and discovered "Metalbükme". This method requires an intensive concentration of soil and bending impurities in the metal. Blue Main article: Azula Princess Azula (voice of Gray DeLisle ) is the main antagonist of the last two seasons of the series. First, in the episode The Avatar State , Zuko seems to be the character that slowly helps to transform from evil to good character. He has the ability to fire and is loved more than his brother. Although his main aim was to capture his brother and humiliate him, he soon entered the race to catch Aang by taking a more active role in the war. Although she was deprived of her cruel temper and empathy, she was displayed in an insecure manner, and when she said that her "friends", Mai and Ty Lee , betrayed her, she went mad. Zuko Main article: Zuko Prince Zuko (Turkish actor Ziya Kürküt ) was originally the main villain of the series in the early days, but over time the character status began to turn into a normal and tragic situation. Then he was one of the good guys in the series. Zuko , just before the start of the index has been proposed by his father and Avatar 's capture to regain the honor is believed to be the only way. Zuko's lineage also reflects his complex nature; the blood bond is based on the Fire King, Sozin , who initiated the war by the father , and the mother by Avatar Roku . During his exile, Zuko came across Aang , who had just been saved, but failed to catch him. Then when Admiral Zhao successfully catches Aang, Zuko will first compromise on his target by having him released. As a result, he and his mentor, Iroh , flee to the Earth Kingdom , where Zuko encounters with the people that his own nation has harmed. He betrayed his uncle in a bid to regain the honor of Azula . After a long period of internal settlements and confusion, Zuko escapes from the Fire Nation and begs forgiveness from his uncle. After Aang 's team He joined Aang 's friend and as the teacher of Ateşbükme . At the end of the series, Zuko is crowned the Fire King and ends the war. Initially he was half a Firebuckin , but he became proficient throughout the series and eventually reached a master Firebuckin level. Iroh Main article: Iroh Iroh (American version vocalizations 1 and 2 in season Mako , then Greg Baldwin ) are generally known as " Western Dragon ". Iroh is a fire- fighting master and a former heir to the throne of the Fire Nation . After the death of his son during the siege of Ba Sing Se , he turned painfully to the Fire Nation and lost the right to be an heiress effectively. Then his father Azulon Fire King, the throne Iroh'in Ozai named to his little sister. Iroha In contrast to many Firebirds, it was shown to be in harmony with the four elements instead of just firing. Iroh has benefited from this feature. In addition, he is one of the few people who learned to direct the lightning. As a member of the Order of the White Lotus , Iroh had a connection with the four elements and organized the transfer of Ba Sing Se , which was under the invasion of the Fire Nation , to the management of the Land Kingdom . Iroh is extremely carefree and friendly. Iroha, especially dinner, a good tea, strategy game Pai Sho ' or and is fond of music naive. This is in stark contrast to his personality, and his constant optimism and sacrifice are post-traumatic after his son's death. Duplicate characters Appa ( Dee Bradley Baker, in the American version) isAang's flying bison . The group is responsible for carrying the group to the four corners of the world. For 100 years, he and Aang remained closed, and there was a close bond between them. He can fly and take a storm with his tail. Aang said the flying bison was the first Airbender. Momo intelligent and brave, winged lemur . Aang found him soon after he was doing research at the South Air Temple and decided it was his pet. Usually he fights with other small-winged creatures and with the Appa while eating. Admiral Zhao ( Jason Isaacs , who plays in the American version ) is an angry Fire Nation admiral and his main rival in Zuko's First Book to capture the Avatar . He and Prince Zuko are each other's top enemies. Zhao is a very ambitious man who intends to write his name in history. Somehow at the end of the 1st season, the Spirit of the Moon was killed by the Ocean Spirit who wanted to take revenge because of killing the Spirit of the Moon in the North Pole. Suki ( Jennie Kwan, in the American version ) is the leader of Kiyoshi Warriors, a team of young girls on Kyoshi Island . He is a highly skilled fighter and a faithful friend. After the disappearance of Princess Yue Sokka'nın attention. Kyoshi Warriors were defeated by Azula's group; as a result Suki was captured by the Fire Nation. However, he was eventually released by Sokka and Zuko together with Hakoda and Chit-Sang. He continued to be a member of the group and finally fought with Toph and Sokka to counter the Air Force's Air Force. King Bumi ( André Sogliuzzo in the American version ) is the king of Omashu. He was Aang's friend when he was a little kid. Aang actually wanted to learn Earthbug from him, but he said he should wait for the right time and captured himself to Fire Nation soldiers. During the eclipse, he escaped from the metal prison and defeated his troops with one hand and regained Omashu. . Princess Yue (Turkish- speaking Yonca Cevher Yenel ) is the daughter of Arnook, Chief of the Northern Water Tribe. When Yue barely survived after his birth , his father asked him to return to the Oasis of the Souls and give birth to his daughter from the Moon and Ocean Spirits. This is an indication that it will be effective in spiritual matters in the future. His first appearance in the series was a white-haired girl of sixteen years old and spoken with Hahn, a selfish fighter. After the murder of the Spirit of the Moon by Admiral Zhao, Yue turned into the new Moon Spirit and gave back his mortal existence to him. Yue's syllable (") means" month "in Chinese. As a young girl, their feelings for Sokka were mutual. Hakoda ( Andre Sogliuzzo in the American version ) is the Chief of the Southern Water Corps and the father of Sokka and Katara. Hakoda, a reputable leader and warrior, ruled the Southern Water Tribe forces against the Fire Nation in the movement next to the Earth Kingdom, and as a result had to move away from his family. After a meeting with his daughter and son, he and the Water Tribe forces supported the Avatar for the rest of the war behind the walls of Ba Sing Se. This led to their arrest by the Fire Nation. He then fled the prison with the help of Sokka and Zuko. Jet (an American version of Crawford Wilson ) is a charismatic young man with deep hatred of the Fire Nation . He is the leader of a group of Freedom Fighters who spend their days fighting against the Nationals of Fire. Jet's "Freedom Fighters" consist of Longshot, Hopers, Sneers, Duke and Little Joe. Later, he decides to start a new life at Ba Sing Se. He uses the twin-tailed Hook Swords , the tiger-headed tackle that he masters in using in jet . It is estimated that he was killed by Long Feng; but this reality has never been explained. Mai ( Cricket Leigh, in the American version ) is a dull, boring young woman. Together with Ty Lee, they struggle to capture Azula's Zuko, Iroh and Avatar. He has a very shallow, sarcastic personality and a sense of humor. However, Zuko has a relationship with Zuko until he joins Aang's group and abandons him. He is a master of privacy and light weapons; Shuriken's daggers, which he uses with great precision and conceals the first weapon in his clothing . He finally betrayed Azula's orders to save Zuko's life, which led to his imprisonment. After Zuko defeated Azula, they were released and continued their relations.In the series, he was the daughter of an important man; but this luxury life seems to have made him boring. Ty Lee ( Olivia Hack in the American version ) is cheerful and energetic. Together with Mai, he helped Azula look for Zuko, Iroh and the Avatar. He comes from a family of five brothers and joins a circus at an early age. Throughout the series, he has been seen as a deadly enemy because of his unique combat techniques and acrobatic movements that target his opponent's joints and neutralize them for a while. After betraying Azula, he was imprisoned and released after the defeat of the Fire King. While in prison he fused and joined with the Kyoshi Warriors. Sokka and her relationship with the heart has established relationships. Their relationship became a friendship after Lee learned that Suki was Sokka's girlfriend. Fire King Ozai ( Mark Hamill in the American version ) is the father of Zuko and Azula, brother of Iroh and the main villain of the series. Although it was stated as the main bad person throughout the series, it was not seen until the third season. He's an extremely powerful firebender. He can defend himself against the Avatar's Avatar. Later on, Avatar Aang took away the ability to bend by ruling that he did not deserve it. Avatar Roku ( James Garrett in the American version ) is the first character before Aang. He is a close friend of the Fire King, Sozin, and considers that his own passive nature is the reason for his attempted invasion. Sozin left Roku to die at a volcano and wanted to make his plans. Avatar Roku many times advised Aang as a mentor and once helped him evade Fire Navy soldiers. Avatar Kyoshi Avatar The woman who came from the land race before Roku is an Avatar. Although she is a woman, she is quite wide. After his death, he became the soul of the island of Kyoshi. He also founded a band called "Kyoshi Warriors" in some girls on the island. He prevented the earth king, Chin, from capturing the world by separating Kyoshi Island from the mainland. Meanwhile, Chin fell into the sea and died.

Chlidonias hybridus

Whiskered tern ( Chlidonias hybridus ), tern (Sternidae) from the family of a bird species . Features: The size is typical of black feathers, strong beak (25 and27 mm in males, shorter than females, 29u34 mm in diameter) and more positive flight, similar to common or arctic tern, but with short forked tail and dark gray up and down breeding bird feathers, typical are characteristics of marsh terns. The summer adult has white cheeks and red legs and beak. Subspecies:This bird has several geographical forms, mostly separated by size and small feather . Ch hybridus is seen in warmer parts of Europe and Asia . The smaller-beaked and darker Ch delalandii is found in eastern and southern Africa , and the subspecies seen from pale-colored Java to Australia are found in C.h. javanicus tour. Spreading: Tropical forms are built in but African and southern Asian birds spend the winter in Europe and south Asia in the south. The birds of this species are found in colonies in the marshes of the inner region, sometimes among black-headed gulls that provide some protection .

NGC 991

NGC 991 , the New General Catalog 'also contained a is the galaxy . In the sky the whale is located in the direction of the constellation. SBc is a barred spiral galaxy . It was discovered in 1785 by the British astronomer William Herschel in a 47.5 cm (18.7 in) diameter mirror telescope.

NGC 3270

NGC 3270 , the New General Catalog 'also contained a is the galaxy . In the sky is the constellation of Leo constellation. SBb is a barred spiral galaxy . It was discovered in 1785 by the British astronomer William Herschel in a 47.5 cm (18.7 in) diameter mirror telescope .

NGC 3332

NGC 3332 , the New General Catalog 'place in an area is repeated NGC body . In the sky is the constellation of Leo constellation. E-S0 type is a lenticular, elliptical galaxy . It was discovered in 1796 by the British astronomer William Herschel in a 47.5 cm (18.7 in) diameter mirror telescope


Erehteyo the ( Greek : Ἐρέχθειον ), Greece 's capital of Athens ' also found an antique is a Greek temple . The temple was built in 406 BC and is located north of the Acropolis and is dedicated to Athena and Poseidon . Erehteyon was later used as a church during the Byzantine period, as a palace during the Franconian period and as a residence for a Turkish commander during the Ottoman period.

Doomsday (character)

Doomsday Superman is one of the bad characters in the comic book . Subject According to his story, 2,500,000 years ago, Krypton was created by a scientist named Bertron ( most often Krypton (comics) ) . It is controlled by Brainiac. The only thought is to destroy everything. It appears in the world and begins to destroy everything that comes in front of it. JLA tries to stop him, but he can't be successful. Finally, Superman comes out and makes an epic battle in Metropolis. During this war, half of the city was destroyed, but Superman succeeded in stopping Doomsday. He then met Superman Doomsday a few more times (Hunter Prey, The Doomsday Wars, Our Worlds at War, Infinite Crisis Battle of Metropolis). In the 825 edition of Action Comics, Gog and his army fought together with Superman to stop them when they came to kill Superman. forces Great super-human force, endurance, rapid recovery and regeneration, each time they are killed (when they are more defeated), and gaining immunity to the method in which they are killed in every resurrection.

NGC 7162A

NGC 7162 on , the New General Catalog 'also contained a is the galaxy . In the sky is located in the direction of the constellation of Turna . SBm is a barred spiral galaxy . It was discovered in 1834 by the English astronomer John Herschel in a mirror telescope of 47.5 cm (18.7 inches) in diameter .

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