A perfect commander from a perfect leader ... exaggerated and trying to forget. It was 10 years more now, and everything would be so different.
Mustafa Kemal Atatürk (May 19, 1881, the Thessaloniki - November 10 1938, Istanbul), the military and political leader of Turkish War of Independence, the founder of the Republic of Turkey and from 1923 until 1938, who served as first President of the Turkish Army, Marshal and more ahead of an Ottoman pasha. Atatürk served the Ottoman army during the First World War; He was appointed to the rank of colonel on the Çanakkale Front and the Army of the Lightning Armies (7th Army) on the Sinai-Palestinian Front. Following the defeat of the Ottoman Empire at the end of the war, he led the Turkish National Movement in the Turkish War of Independence. In the process of the War of Independence, he established the Government of Ankara and defeated the military forces sent by the Entente by his military actions and led the Turkish nation to victory. Atatürk then initiated political, economic, social and cultural reforms to transform the old Ottoman Empire into a modern and secular nation state. Thousands of new schools were built under its leadership. Primary education was made free and compulsory. Women were granted civil and political rights. The heavy taxes on the back of the villagers were reduced. Due to his success in the Sakarya Battle of Sakarya as Commander-in-Chief of the Turkish Army, he received the title of "Gazi" on 19 September 1921 and was promoted to marshal. He founded the Republican People's Party as the People's Party. Ataturk was elected president four times in a row until his death in 1938. He has been the President of this longest term. Because of the important role played by Atatürk in history, many writers and historians have examined and written about 379 works. In this respect, it is among the first 100 people who are mostly written about. In addition, as the first and only example in the world, the United Nations was accepted as the 100th anniversary of the UNESCO organization and the year of 1981 was accepted as the üzere Year of Atatürk örgüt by the unanimity of all countries. in the number of journals November, 1981, subject Ataturk and Turkey were discussed.

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  1. who can be an example to the whole world .. he is a very big man, very big leader. turkey republic founder.


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