salary problem, disrespect, unqualified people on your head, disturbing noises, gossip, a truck that can be considered more a series of reasons. but most importantly money money money! aha is entered from the workplace in this entry. my heads and their power. my resignation.

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  1. "salary policy is hidden" under the name of people who do the same work between 300-400 pounds, such as the difference, so who breaks what; do not give breast to the child who does not cry.

    that the agreement to protect the rights of the boss is urgently required to be signed and that the amendments are made to the articles as a result of the absurdity of the agreement and that the employee is entitled; time, overtime, vacation, etc. Mentioned; the other day, which is supposed to come the next day, cannot be prepared for six months.

    Boss trash people do wrong about the false things they do a series of brainless inferences and "I think I go to the job interview secret secret" such as rumors that they do, by the way no one is not going to the job interview; then the gossip of the gossip, not the person who is exposed to this gossip and the bad that the person who is dealing with.

    delayed salaries, public holidays, which are not known until the last moment, urgent work at the last second, unpaid work etc. etc.


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