The Battle of Zâtüssavāl (Arabic: معركة ,ات الصواري) or the Battle of Finike, with the Islamic navy under the command of Abdullah bin Sa'd, the Emperor II. It was the sea battle that took place in 655 between the Byzantine fleet under the personal command of the Constance. The battle is considered "the absolute absolute victory of Islam." The Armenian bishop Sebeos gave information about the Islamic navy and stated that the city was conquered by Kostantinopolis in 654 BC. Today, it is considered that no siege was made at this date, and the information given is thought to be related to the navy that fought in the battle of Zâtüssavârî. Bahriye Üçok also argued that the Islamic fleet, which had fought in the battle of Zâtüssavârî, had set out to besiege Constantinople, but was greeted by the Byzantine navy around Finike, and then the Islamic fleet was moving to Chalcedon but could not go any further due to the severe storm.

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