The blood eagle or (in the old Scandinavian language) is a form of execution of the Vikings. The prisoners' back was cut open, and after the ribs were separated from the spine, the eagle was opened to the side like wings. Finally, the lungs were removed from the body and placed on the shoulders. The blood eagle is described and documented in various Sagas, Skald poems and Edda songs as enemies of revenge (eg Orkneyinga saga or Reginsmál). The application of a blood eagle by some historians suggests that Odin was a punishment for murderers who killed their fathers by human victims or sons. The blood eagle is the punishment imposed on the father's murderers, according to the old Viking (Scandinavian) customs. Only this tradition can only be seen in the accounts of Christian writers and no archaeological evidence has been found for this practice. This method of executions is similar to the stories of martyrs of the first saints. it is emphasized that it is impossible, because the victim's ribs will die or lose consciousness.

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