Brenna MacCrimmon, (born June 19, 1970, Toronto, Ontario) is a Canadian folk music artist. He has been working, teaching and singing in Balkan music since the end of 1980s. MacCrimmon, who speaks very good Turkish and sings, is considered to be an international Turkish folk music vocalist. His interest in Turkish Music started with his youth when he visited a library in Burlington, Ontario. "I came across Turkish albums and suddenly got an emotional bond," he says. In the early 1980s, while attending ethnic musicology classes at the University of Toronto, he was introduced to local Turkish musicians and began learning lashing. Then he started to sing and sing in a Turkish band. He was interested in the Turkish-Balkan melodies known as Rumelian Music. He studied the theory of Turkish music and explored the archives of folk music. He found many visits to Turkey and Greece. Greece, especially the Thracian-Balkan region, the village of the village, the city has traveled around the city, as well as music, culture, people have adopted. In the early 90s, he came to Istanbul while preparing a thesis on Balkan music in Canada and decided to stay. Turkish culture and folk music intensely intertwined with living artists and received many special shows in the festival scene five years in Turkey. MacCrimmon, who has a Soprano voice tone, gave a folk song named Selim Sesler and the folk songs they produced with Selim Sesler. She has also appeared in Psyche-belly Dance Music and Duble Oriental albums with Baba Zula and Mad Professor. Fatih Akın directed the Istanbul Memory: Crossing the Bridge, which is an anonymous work in the film 'Window of the road' and 'Ben Bir Martı Olsam' in the song, and Elveda Rumeli series "ediye" sang in the song. He completed his music education in Istanbul and Canada. Although still he continued to commute to life in Canada and Turkey both at home and take the stage with different artists in Istanbul. Most recently, Beth Cohen, Paul Brown, and Polly Ferber ave Haig Manoukian together with the band called Orkestar Keyif.

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