Jizye is a type of tax taken from non-Muslims in Islamic countries.  He takes his source from verse 29 of Repentance; Allah Fight against those who have been given the Book, and do not believe in Allah and the Last Day, and that Allah and the Messenger of Allah do not forbid the haram. (Ahl-i Zimmet) is a tax of the Christians and Jews (Ahl al-i Kitap), who believe in the books sent by Allah, in accordance with the sharia. Jizya taxpayers (Cizyegüzar) were taken under the protection of the state in terms of property and life and all their rights, and were freed in their daily life and economic activities. and taxpayers who were taxpayers. In the tax regulation made after the opening of Köprülü Fazıl Mustafa Paşa in 1689, the collection of cizyen was connected to some principles and the task of Cizyedarlık was established. Jizye, the salary of the state paid by civil servants called cizyedar. In the Ottoman Empire, the jurisprudence tax was enforced until 1855, and the duty of reform was abolished both tax and cizyadarlık; instead, an exemption tax (military) was brought from the military service; II. This tax also ended when the military service was brought to non-Muslims with the constitutional monarchy.

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