Also called CCD-sensor or CCD-chip. Load attached vehicle (English; Charge Coupled Device). It acts as a light sensitive surface in digital cameras and camcorders. It consists of photosensitive photo diodes lined up on top of a layer. These convert the falling light into electrical voltage. The lighter the light is in the light cell (the photocell) the higher the voltage is accumulated. The matrix voltage is converted to picture by means of an analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and processor. CCD sensor technology is older than CMOS technology. Because CMOS technology consumes less energy and is cheaper, many camera manufacturers are preferred by medium format machine manufacturers. CCD sensors are preferred by large format camera manufacturers such as PhaseOne, Hasselblad, Leica and Mamiya. This is because the CMOS sensor is insufficient for large formats. CCD sensors receive better light than CMOS sensors, while they are too light or directly exposed to the lens. CCD sensors are ideal for professional shooting, while CMOS sensors are more suitable for current shots and enthusiasts.

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