Chuvashia, Chuvashia or Chuvash Republic (Chuvash: еăваш Республики) is a federated republic within Russia. The Chuvash, which is named after the Republic, is one of the Turkish peoples. Chuvashia is located in the central part of Russia and was established in June 1920. The area is 18,300 km². Its population is about 1,350,000. Its capital is Şupaşkar. Chuvashes, 10th-16th. It was written in the 17th century that the old Turkish tribes were formed from the mixing of the Bulgarian. It is also suggested that the Chuvashes come from the Turkish name Suvar or Suvaz. 15% of Chuvash are in Bashkir and Tatar region. Chuvash inhabited by the Russians in the 16th century, an autonomous administrative unit was formed in the region in 1920 and became an autonomous republic in April 1925. After the disintegration of the USSR (1991), it was named after Chuvashia Autonomous Republic. Chuvashis live as a closed society in the Middle Volga region. The area of ​​the Republic is 18,300 km². One third of the country is covered with forests. The population of Chuvashia is 1,500,000. 60% of the population lives in cities. The population of Chuvash in all Russian Federation is around 2,500,000.

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