Constanze Manziarly (lost on April 14, 1920; Innsbruck, Austria, 2 May 1945) served as Adolf Hitler's cook / dietician until his final days in Berlin in 1945. Constanze Manziarly was born in Tyrol, to a Greek father and a mother of Innsbruck. After finishing high school, he went to home management vocational school and worked as a dietary assistant. From 1943 onwards, he worked for the Zabel villa in Bischofswiesen and in the same year he started working with Adolf Hitler. In September 1944, he became Hitler's diet cook. II. At the end of World War II, he entered Hitler's F├╝hrerbunker bunker on 16 January 1945 and lived there. The next day after Hitler's suicide on April 30, he left the bunker with his escape group. Information about the death of Constanze Manziarly is contradictory. Hitler's secretary Traudl Junge recalled that Constanze Manziarly, captured by the Allies, was taken by Soviet soldiers into the Berlin U-Bahn subway tunnel and was never seen again. It is also estimated that he committed suicide.

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