Cristina Stamate (born September 8, 1946; November 27, 2017), Romanian actress.
Actress Cristina Stamate was born in Bucharest. Realizing his interest in the theater, his older siblings gradually increased their inclination to acting in theater plays and opera performances. He studied law and graduated in 1967 from the IATC. The artist, most known for his work as an actor, has spent most of his career at the Constantin Tanase Theater in Bucharest and at the theater in Arad. In 1966, when the actor was in her twenties, she married Dan Ivanescu, but they divorced in 1977. The child without a child has never married again. Sarea în bucate by writing a cookbook in 2007. In January 2015, after having undergone open heart surgery, the player has begun to receive treatment for a serious depression. In a recent interview with him, he said that people who shared experiences such as the deaths of their parents and brother behaved with respect for their age. He also stated that he regretted having no children.

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