Dome or "Dom" (Arabic: دومي or دومري -Do me, Domra) predicted number of about 3.3 or 2 million, the majority of Iran, Turkey, Iraq and Egypt, including the Middle East countries and North Africa living in Indo-Aryan race a Proto-Roman ethnic group from the Indo-European language family of the Indo-European family, who is a member of the Indian origin (Gurbati, Kouli, Gypsy) or the Middle East and Dom gypsies. Doms, who are from the earliest departed Romani groups from the Indian peninsula and as a branch of the Dombalar, spread to the Middle East through Iran in the earliest 6th century. On these dates, Dom migrations to the west more than a little. small crafts in the economic sense in the countries they live in, blacksmithing, sanitation, fortune telling, street musician vb.iş areas Dome of together with their profession oluşturur.hindist career Dombalar'l Dalits or so-called untouchable caste sistemindedirler.türki and Israel association are available.

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