Eli Wallace travels on the Destiny space ship of the ancient people in a remote corner of the universe that cannot revert to Earth with a multinational research team in the television series of science fiction drama called Stargate Universe. one of the remaining characters you have to do. The character is portrayed by American actor David Blue. Wallace is a complete lazy person, but is also characterized as an absolute genius. "Air," the first episode of Wallace's debut series, was released in October 2009 in the United States and Canada
Wallace was educated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), but never graduated. Before joining Stargate Command, Wallace is unemployed and spends most of his time playing video games, primarily at Prometheus. She also lives with her mother, Maryann Wallace. She has an unexplained illness that caused the mother's cause and what happened. One day in 2009, Wallace solves a math problem in Prometheus. After this success, Nicholas Rush and General Jack O'Neill visit him; He is required to sign the confidentiality agreement for the disclosure of detailed information, but when he is reluctant to sign on, he is beamed to George Hammond. The program is explained and given time to think. Dr. Rush, Eli with the Air Force's best opportunities to treat his mother promises to receive as long as the process. Eli starts his job to help Rush in the Icarus project to solve the ninth symbol on the Stargate. While they work on the formula, the shelter is exposed to an unidentified attack. Instead of turning Earth, Rush turns nine symbols. As a result, Icarus, along with its staff, is a few billion light years from Earth on the ancient space ship, Destiny. Eli found a globe-like camera that could also serve as a Kino, which he called voice after recording the ship. Taking into account every possibility, Kino recorded the messages of the crew. Later, she began to get closer to Chloe Armstrong, daughter of Alan Armstrong, who sacrificed her life for the people on board.

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