Fettane Hâcc Seyyid Cevâdî (Persian: فتانه حاج سيد جوادي; d. 1945, Shiraz), Iranian writer. Cevadi, who lives in Isfahan, has completed his higher education in literature and foreign languages in schools in Tehran and Isfahan. She worked as a teacher for many years and translated the works of English into Persian. "Morning of Love Drunkenness" (Bâmdâd-ı Humâr), published in 1995, became one of the best-selling novels in Iran. In 2000, it was translated into German by Suhrkamp Publishing House as "Der Morgen der Trunkenheit" and was one of the most admired books in this country. His second work Ab Uykunun Kuytünde ise (Der Halvet-i Hâb), consisting of Cevadi's stories, was published in German as un In der Abgeschiedenheit des Schlafs Cev. Love Drunken Morning, in 2010 was published in Turkish by Kaknus Publications.

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