Friedensreich Regentag Dunkelbunt Hundertwasser (d.15 December 1928 - Feb.19, 2000) Austrian painter and architect. He was born in Vienna under the name Friedrich Stowasser. At the end of the twentieth century, though controversial, he became one of Austria's best-known contemporary painters.

Ernst Stowasser, the father of Hundertwasser, died three months after the birth of his son. World War II was a very difficult time for Hundertwasser and his mother. Because his mother was Jewish. They acted as Catholics to protect themselves from the atrocities. This could have been believed because her father was a Catholic. He joined the Hitler Youth to be unobtrusive. Hundertwasser developed his art skills at an early age. After the war, he spent three months at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Here, he began to sign his paintings as "Hundertwasser" instead of "Stowasser". She's traveling. She always used to have a little paint kit next to her. His first lucrative success was at an exhibition in Vienna in 1952-53.

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