Phoebe Sarah Hertha Ayrton (28 April 1854 - 23 August 1923), British engineer , mathematician , physicist and mucitti . It was called Hertha Ayrton in general, but when she was born she was named Phoebe Sarah Marks. He was awarded the Hughes Medal by the Royal Society for his work on electric waves in sand and water .

Hertha Ayrton was born on April 28, 1854 in Portsea, Hampshire, England . The Polish Jew, Levi Marks, an immigrant from Czarist Poland , is the third child of a watchmaker and Joseph Moss, a merchant of Portsea. At the age of nine, Sarah moved with her aunt to run a school in northwestern London , where she began her training with her cousins. Her friends and teachers at school identified her as a rude and active child. At the age of 16 Ayrton worked as a nanny while continuing his studies.

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