Kalevala is an epic saga which Elias Lönnrot compiled from the 19th century Finnish folk tales. Kalevala, the epic epic of the Finnish, is also one of the most important works of Finnish literature. The epic was written during the period of rising nationalism in 1917, after Finland declared its independence against Russia. ) Kalevala eki is the word meaning 'Kaleva's Land Kal (Finnish-la / lä suffix shows the place). The epic is composed of 22795 verses separated into 50 sections (Finnish: Runo).
Elias Lönnrot, whose primary field of expertise is medicine, recorded Finnish folk tales in his travels in different parts of Finland. Lönnrot, who gathered most of the poems in Karelya region, completed his journey in 1829 and completed Kalevala's "old" form. Lönnrot continued his research and collected the present state of Kalevala in 1849.

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