Kitâbu Cevâhirü'n-Nahv fi Lugati't-Türk (Karahanlı Turkish: كيت )ب Kit hهimiر Sözن ن :ه çevir في ل تِت ترك, Turkish translation: Türk Dili Söz Dizim Cevheri Kitabı), the oldest dictionary of the Turkish language It is supposed to be a Turkish grammar content book. The book has not yet been found. In the footnote of the first volume of the first volume of Divânu Lügati't-Türk, the linguist Besim Atalay argues with evidence that the existence of this book is present: However, this book has not been discovered yet. If it is found, it will be a great resource and gain for our language and culture. " A study was initiated by the Eurasian Writers Union in 2008, which was designated as the Qarqarid Mahmoud Year by UNESCO, but no book could be found.

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