Lala, the Ottoman Empire during the time of the grand vizier is used as a counterpart to Atabey, the name of the princes was given this. The recruitment of the novices taken in the palace is also known to those who are employed. In the past, the great civil servants and the rich employed çocuklar mâla ın to look after their children's discipline. Though she was apparently servant, Tulle resigned himself against the child referred to him; children were chosen from people who were mainly old and polished, and they would respect and respect him as a governor and a teacher.
I. Mehmed: Bezezid-i Shamir.
II. Mehmed: Molla Ayaş, Molla Gürânî, Hocazâde Muslihiddin Mustafa, Hatibzade Mehmed, Molla Sırâceddin, Abdulkadir Efendi.
II. Bâyezid: Hatib Kasım, Abdullah Efendi and Hath Hamdullah.
I. Selim: Halimi Efendi and Taşköprülü Müslihiddin Mustafa Efendi.
I. Süleyman: Hayreddin Efendi
II. Selim: Ca'fer Efendi and Halimi Çelebi passed away when he was a prince. AtâuUah Efendi.
III. Murad: Ibrahim Efendi died before the throne and when the ythata Hasancanzâde Hoca Sa'deddin Efendi.
III. Mehmed: Hoca Sa'deddin Efendi and Nevâlî Efendi. Nevali Efendi died just before the throne, Hoca .Sa'deddin Efendi alone.
I. Ahmed: Aydmî Mustafa Efendi,
II. Osman: Omer Efendi.
IV. Mehmed: Vânî Mehmed Efendi.
II. Mustafa: Feyzullah Efendi.
After this sultana II. There is no document about the sultans' lala and their teachers who come up to Mahmut.

II. Mahmud: the calligraphy Mustafa Rakım Efendi.
Abdülmecid: Akşehirli Ömer Efendi and Şehrî Hafız Emin Efendi.
The princes of Abdülmecid: Gümüşhaneli Ömer Hulûsî Efendi was a teacher.
Abdulaziz: Hasan Fehmî Efendi

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