Linda Howard, his native name is Linda S. Howington was an American writer born on August 3, 1950. She has been writing books since 1982. She and her husband, Gary F. Howington, live in Alabama with two golden retrievers. He has three stepchildren and three grandchildren.

Cheeze It's (1951) (not translated)
The Cat Go Bye Bye (1952) (Not translated)
All That Glitters (1982) (not translated)
An Independent Wife (1982) (not translated)
Against the Rules (1983) (not translated)
Come Lie With Me (1984) (not translated)
Lake of Dreams (1985) (not translated)
Hurricane Silence - Tears of the Renegade (1985)
The Cutting Edge (1985) (not translated)
The Way Home (1991) (not translated)
Overload (1993) (not translated)
Heart of Fire (1993) (not translated)
I'm Always With You - Dream Man (1995)
Night Moves (1998) (not translated)
After that Night - After the Night (1995)
Shades of Twilight (1996) (not translated)
White Out (1997) (not translated)
Wrong Time Correct Man - Son of the Morning (1997)
Lake of Dreams (1998) (not translated)
Sweeney - Now You See Her (1998)
Blue Moon (1999) (not translated)
Mr. Perfect - Mr. Perfect (2000)
Hunting Season - Open Season (2001)
Strangers In the Night (2001) (not translated)
Dying to Please (2002) (not translated)
The Day I Wiped My Tears - Cry no More (2003)
Killing Time (2005) (not translated)
Cover Of Night (2006) (not translated)
Close and Dangerous - Up Close and Dangerous (2007)
Black Angel - Death Angel (2008)
Flame Flame - Burn (2009)
Blood Born (2010) (with Linda Jones) (not translated)
Storm - Ice (2010)
Love Trap - Veil of Night (2010)
Warrior Rising (2011) (with Linda Jones) (not translated)
Timeless Storm - Prey (2011)
Shadow Woman (2013)

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