The Messier 37 (also known as the M37 or NGC 2099) is a very rich open star cluster in the constellation of Arabian. Giovanni Batista was discovered before 1654 by Hodierna. Messier 37 is the brightest in the three open star cluster in the Arabian constellation. In 1749, the M37 had escaped the eyes of Le Gentil, who had discovered M36 and M38. Charles Messier re-discovered M37 independently in September 1764. However, the three-star cluster was recorded by Hodierna before 1654. This was generally not known until 1984 for all three clusters. The M37 is 300 million years old and has over 500 stars, 150 of which are bright, from 12.5 to 150. The M37 also contains a dozen or so red giant stars with the B9V type warm main stars.

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