Newfoundland, usually black and sizeable dog breed. The Newfoundland type is an advanced animal in the coasts of Newfoundland and Labrador and is named after this geographic area. They're smart, brave, friendly, calm, reliable. The child becomes friendly to the elderly or animals and wants to protect them against any danger. It does this instead of barking, making it a barrier between strangers and friends. Because they are patient and actor, they get along well with children. They don't like the heat. Dogs who love to swim and enjoy living in cool, juicy places
Newfoundland is a great dog. Strong, elegant, harmonious, agile and durable. It is a dog with remarkable features. Good, brave, generous, intelligent and close to human. Lord Byron wrote about this genus: "His courage is far from savagery. He does not bear human imperfections, but he possesses all the virtues." It is also a patient dog. He behaves well against strangers and is extremely careful against his master.

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