Occultism, in the past ages, nature, universe, influences, human and universe relations and the future as well as mediated by means of both the media and the transfer of deep knowledge acquired through the esoteric traditions is defined as a whole. The occult means the investigation of ile hidden "information by means other than the scientific method. The term derives from the Latin "occulere", which means "hide", "hide", "cover". In ancient Greece the money is esoteric. From the Pythagorean times in ancient Greece to Platoism, from muthelif gnostic beliefs to Sufi belief in Islam and a lot of new ideas from psychology. The fields of research, which have been considered as science until ancient times such as astrology, alchemy and magic, and which are in the field of parapsychology such as hypnosis, telepathy and pyroxine in the modern times, and which are suspected by scientific circles, are within the scope of occultism.

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