Palau, or Palau, with its official name, is an Oceania country. It is to the north of Papua New Guinea. In 1994, he emerged from US patronage. In the native language, the name is Belau. South of the Great Ocean.
Palau's islands in the north, Sonsorol in the south-west, Merir, the small coral islands called Pulo Anna and Tobi and the Helen Reef. It consists of about 350 islands. I, the islands of Palau, constitute the western end of the Caroline Islands. Babelthuap Island, which has a height of 217 m, is the largest island with a surface area of 143 km². The island of Koror, which is located just south of Babelthuap and rising to approximately 628 m, is the capital and the largest settlement of the republic. By 2007, he was the capital of the country, and in that year the government moved to the capital, Ngerulmud. Palau's climate is tropical. The average annual temperature in Koror is 28 ° C. Annual rainfall is 3,800 mm on Koror Island and 3,290 mm on Angaur Island. In the coastal areas of the Palau islands where the land is fertile, there are Mangrove swamps, in the inner parts of the hills, coconut trees and hills covered with rainforest.
Palau, which reached the Spanish sailor Ruy López de Villalobos in 1543, remained in Spanish domination for more than three hundred years. The group of Palau islands was sold to Germany in 1899 along with the islands of Mariana and Caroline. The Japanese developed the mining, plantation farming and commercial fishing in the Palau islands group, which they captured in 1914. II. In World War II, the group of islands, which is an important naval base of Japan, passed into the hands of the US forces in 1944. Palau became a part of the United Nations Pacific Islands Guardianship in 1947 under US supervision. After the two referendums (in 1979 the referendum to join Palau in Micronesia) because of the differences in language and culture, no decision was made.) In 1981, a constitution was adopted and the same year elections were held. In 1981 Palau, an independent republic in domestic affairs, signed a Free Union Agreement with the United States in 1982. According to the contract, the US would have the right to have military bases in Palau, in return for the country's security and defense and financial assistance. In the transition period from 1982 to 1994, a small, but powerful minority on the island was constantly opposed to the US military force, especially nuclear power, and two island rulers were killed in 1985 and 1988 in the acts of violence. and the Free Union Agreement was made.
Tourism and fishing are common economic activities in Palau. Agriculture and livestock activities are done as subsistence. Transportation between the islands is largely done by air and sea. Koror Island is connected to Babelthuap with bridges and through Arakabesan and Malakal islands. There is an airway connection to Micronesia, Guam, the Philippines and Australia.

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