South Ossetia Interim Administration is the administration assigned to the South Ossetia region by the Republic of Georgia as de jure. South Ossetia is one of the problematic regions of Georgia today. In the region, there are two administrations, one with the support of the pro-independence administration supported by Russia, and the government appointed by the Georgian government. Kurta is the center of the separatist administration, Tshinval, the center of the government appointed by Georgia. In the process of disintegration of the Soviet Union, unilateral independence was declared by pro-independence forces supported by Russia in the region. Meanwhile, a de facto government emerged with the effect of the agreement to stop the war in the region. Today this is de facto governed by the Republic of South Ossetia called Tshinvali and its surroundings are controlled by pro-independence administration. About half of the region is under the control of the Georgian government. In April 2007, the Georgian government took over the South Ossetian Provisional Authority to resolve the dispute in the region through a parliamentary resolution. Those in charge of this administration are those involved in the former separatist administration. South Ossetia's interim administration carried out actions under the name of Kokoiti Fandarast in 2007 to remove the pro-independence Eduard Kokoiti from all countries in Georgia and beyond the control of the de facto government in this region.

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