The Moon Warrior, the Japanese name Bishangajo Senshi Sailor Moon (Take セ yaratıcı, ン ー ム ー ラ ー ー 士), is the first manga creator of the famous manga, Naoko Takeuchi, in the form of anime. Manga series were published in "Nakayoshi" in 1991-1997. In this period, 52 volumes were published in 18 volumes. The Manga series tells of the adventures of the 14-year-old Usagi Tsukino, who turned into the Moon Warrior and sought the Moon prince and the Legendary Silver Crystalline (M abor 」水晶 銀 幻 幻 幻 幻 Maboroshi no Ginzuish Gümüş?). Throughout the series, the Moon Warrior is leading the team of planetary fighters (Gümüş ist yok sistem ve ve ve ali sera Senshi?), Who are tasked to protect the Legendary Silver crystal and prevent enemies who want to destroy the Solar system.
Anime is based on 18 volumes of Manga series by Toei Animation. Anime was published in Japan between the years 1992-1997 including 5 seasons. In addition, 3 animated films, 3 short films, 1 television broadcast and a series called, Beautiful Guardian Moon Warrior anga were prepared on the basis of the manga series. The story of Anime was re-started with the ından Moon Warrior Crystal ından anime from 2014. Inspired by the Manga series, there are also light novels, card games, paintings, musicals, music and video games. The British version of Manganese was published in North America by Kodansha Comics USA, published in Australia and New Zealand, licensed by Random House Australia. The demonstration of the English dubbing of the animate in North America has been licensed by Viz Media and in Australia and New Zealand by Madman Entertainment. From the day of its publication, both the anime and manga versions of the Moon Warrior series have been in great demand and have become famous all over the world. More than 35 million copies of the Manga series have been sold so far, this has turned the mango into the world's best-selling shojo manga series. Critics gave positive views on the series according to personification, humor and art. The anime version of the series is one of the most influential ones in Japan.

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