Tiziano Ferro is an Italian pop music singer born on 21 February 1980 in Latina. Two faculties, one of which is engineering, finished. She has been living in the UK since 2005. At the age of 16, he began singing in the choir, learning the intricacies of vocal technique and Gospel. After 7 years of classical guitar, 2 years of piano and 1 year of drum training, Tiziano decided to try his luck at the famous Sanremo Music Festival in Italy after a while on local radios. In 1997, when he first joined the competition, he could not take part in the final. He was among 12 finalists at San Remo Song Academy in 1998, and was the first to attract the attention of his current producers, Mara Majonchi and Alberto Salerno. In 2001, he signed an agreement with EMI and in the same year he released his first single, aynı Perdono ′. He has been at the top of the singles singles chart with Italian singles. In the same year he released Rosso Relativo. In 2003, he released the 111 album, after a big album. The title story of her 111 album is about the singer. The singer, who had previously been 111 kg, considered this name as appropriate. In 2004, he presented his first English single to the audience. This single, "Universal Prayer", which he sang with the British artist Jamelia, was played frequently during the 2004 Athens Olympics. She sang the song tören Sere Nere ses on the stage at the 2004 European Music Awards, and returned with the n Best Italian Artist Ödül award from the award ceremony. She also won the Best New Artist Award at the Italian Music Awards in 2002 and the Best Male Artist at the Grammy Awards in 2005. In addition to these awards, he was nominated for Grammy awards in various branches. In 2006, Tiziano Ferro presented his third studio album ödül Nessuno é Solo all to his fans. The first single from the album single Stop! Dimentica seç was selected. Alla Mia Età has released her fourth studio album, 2008. In this album eşlik Assurdo pensare yaş, his 17 year old brother Flavio Ferro accompanied the drums. In addition, this album is a successful duet with the English singer Kelly Rowland "Breathe Gentle" in English. "Trent'anni e una chiacchierata con papà" on October 20, 2010 is a 30 year old book with a father. In the first 10 days of the book, he placed 5th in the list of the best-selling books in Italy and signed a big sales record. A special information for sale in Turkey this book yapılmayacaktır.5.albü me L'amore é una cosa is the album that semplice November 14, exit on the album 2011 Le Differenz tra m é te songs in all music stores in place almıştır.albü Me La Fine singing Italian Tiziano Ferro, who sings again with the singer Nesli, sang KARMA with the American R & B singer John Legend along with the last song of the album. In addition, my 5th album released his second book of his book with the same name. He released his second book. singer Cassandra Steen and L'amore é una cosa semplice-Liebe Ist Einfach and Spanish singer Malu and El amor es una cosa simple singles. Starting with "La differenza tra me e te", which was released at L'Amore é una cosa semplice album, "L'ultima notte al mondo", "Hai delle isole negli occhi", "Per dirti ciao!" On July 14, 2012, he made a video clip of "Troppo Buono".

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