A barrier or barricade is a physical structure that blocks an action or object. Ifade Obstacle ’is expressed in our language. It is a cautious and safety argument in risk management, risk analysis and control.

Border barrier between two countries
Border inspection to limit unauthorized transitions between two countries; stop - check - if not okay - don't switch if it is late! Border control.
Defense wall to build protect against potential aggression
Physical obstacle, protective shields

Full automatic barriers, which serve for block roads on railway crossings
Boom barrier, interlocking pass and sleeve for vehicle access
Fitch Barrier, water or sand filled separators or blockers on roads
Barricade, control or block obstacle for temporary loading in traffic
Traffic barriers (collision barriers), obstacles that facilitate the course of vehicles in tarfite navigation
Cable barrier
Concrete barrier
Fixed-slope barrier
F-Shape barrier
Guard rail
Jersey barrier or K-ray, a kind of concrete barrier, road traffic divider blocks in traffic

Crowd control barrier, temporary fences, obstacles used to capture or keep away from crowds
Special systems to reduce noise pollution for noise barrier, sound walls, structures

barrier, starting and running in AT races

Thames Barrier, a flood control structure, River Thames England
Sand sacks, heavy and flood resistant containers used by Hesco Castle, military engineering units or civil protection teams.
The breakwater (structure) has a barrier at sea, a part of which is on the shore and reduces the impact of sea waves or tides.
Use of any material with vapor barrier, moisture and vapor absorber-holder, preventing the effect of water vapor from walls, ceilings, floors or objects

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