Biga Stream (Other uses; Kocabaş Stream, Granikos Stream, Barenos Stream) is found in Biga district of Çanakkale province. The tea he fought on the shores of Alexander the Great divided the town into two, two large bridges connecting the two sides and many small bridges. The length is about 80 kilometers. It is born in the inner part of the town of Çan and the Biga Plain by watering 3 km from the center of the town of Karabiga delta into the Sea of ​​Marmara without pouring. Tea has little to no economic contribution to the region and is in danger of many streams due to excessive pollution and reduced resources. In recent years, great efforts have been made for the warming of tea and its surroundings. Due to floods in the past often changed the water of the tea in the summer is attracted in the winter because of the oil is increased because of the rain, causing the material losses in the district center of the tea in 1966 was set in a length of 600 meters. Nevertheless, the waters of the tea continued to rise at levels that would often pose a danger. As of the beginning of January 2007, work was started around the tea. With the study, it is aimed that the city will reach the necessary place without mixing the sewage water into the tea. The edges of the tea, which is arranged as a parking lot to solve the big parking space problem in the city, are closed to the vehicle entrances. The average water depth in the Biga Stream goes up to 1 meter in the spring and 20 ilk25 cm in the summer months. The flow rate is at least 15 - 30 cubic meters and at most 1345 cubic meters.
Battle of Granikos In May 334, the Macedonian king Alexander the Great crossed the Biga River and faced the armies of the Persian Empire and won the battle. This is the first major war of Alexander's military career and the beginning of the Asia campaign.

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