Bilge Tegin (d. - d. 975), ruler between the years 966-975 ruler of the State of Gazne.

He had no son to replace Abu Isaac Ibrahim, who died on 12 November 966. The Turkish commanders and commanders elected Bilge Tegin, the commander of Alp Tigin's slaves, guards and guards, as rulers. Bilge Tegin, the center of the Samanic ambassador to Bukhara sent his loyalty and said that the Turks were elected by the vote. However, the Pharaoh, one of the Samani commanders in Bukhara, sent an army to seize Ghazna as he was against this Turkish community that was left independent in Ghazna. After he defeated the Samani army, Bilge Tegin was not sent another army of troops from Bukhara on Gazne.

After a decade of reign, Bilge Tegin died in 975 when he besieged the Gerdîz Fortress, and another slave of the throne Alp Tegin, Böri Tegin, passed.

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