Climate changes are a kind of atmospheric or astronomical changes that are scientifically studied according to climatology. Climate system, internal and human impacts, periodic activities of the Sun and greenhouse gases, etc. is affected by the reasons.

In the atmosphere, CO2 (Carbon dioxide), CH4 (Methane), C4H10 (Butane) with greenhouse gases such as heat in the atmosphere can not be removed. Therefore, heat energy causes too much mold heat to increase from the material particles; either deteriorates quickly and causes heat loss; or periodically. This leads to constant changes in the climate of Earth, Mars, Venus, or any planet in question. Today, for example, the weather in the winter may be too hot and humid, or summer high temperatures may be late.

Global warming is chemically effective. Greenhouse gases occur after living and breathing of living things and after various activities. A variety of factors, such as the factory of people, also cause contamination.

Global Warming ensures that the temperature in the atmosphere stays there, making the climates warmer than normal. In this way, for example, the winter may be hotter than usual, or the summer can be very hot.

Earth is a planet and an extinct star. Billions of years ago, they went through three geological times. As a result, ice cycles occurred. John Lloyd and John Mitchinson, published in 2008, are currently in the book of the book of ignorance. This shows that we are still under the influence of 3.Geological Time.

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