Gilbert Keith Chesterton (born May 29, 1874 - June 14, 1936), British writer. Chesterton, born in London in 1874, gained an extraordinary place with his contradictory ideas. In addition to his journalism, art and literary criticism, and writings as well as his criticism of religion and the world, he wrote his polemical essays with his sharp pen. Again, he criticized the famous writer Rudyard Kipling's colonialist tendencies and the UK's foreign policy. Emphasizing that human values are rapidly lost in industrialized societies, he took a side-view of common sense and faith against the world views based on reason and science. In spite of the widespread Protestant belief in his country, these tendencies of the author who chose Catholicism and defended the values of the Middle Ages have left their mark on his literary works.

Eye of Apollo
(1908, The Man Who Was Thursday)
(1927, The Return of Don Quixote)
(1905, The Club of Queer Trades)
Proud Trees
(1906, Charles Dickens: A Critical Study)
Father Brown's Adventures
The Very Well-Being Man (2013)

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