Hibiscus syriacus is a vase-shaped shrub that grows in a large part of Asia and grows in a large part of the Malvaceae family. This plant, which is very durable, can last longer than other plants when it is cut and placed in a vase. In areas where hot summer summers are grown for white, pink, red, lavender or purple flowers. These flowers are edible. Woodwood is the national flower of South Korea. In addition to being seen in national emblems, the national anthem of South Korea is also mentioned in the flower. The Korean name mugunghwa (Hangul: süz; Hanja: 無窮 ja) comes from the word mugung, which means immortality. The symbol meaning of the flower originates from this name. Woodwood is a very popular ornamental shrub with its various cultivars such as 'Diana', 'Lady Stanley', 'Ardens', 'Lucy' and 'Blushing Bride'.

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