For other meanings of the title, see page Seki. It was discovered by a Japanese amateur astronomer named Kaoru Ikeya. This star has its own name. A large ellipse or a parabola orbiting the sun around the sun, when it comes to the Sun, and the dust formed on the surface of the tail formed by the light of the celestial body called a "comet" is called a par comet bir. Comets often get the name of those who discover (or discover) themselves. A Japanese amateur astronomer, Kaoru Ikeya discovered in July 1964, 1964 VIII Tailed Star, which was named after him, passed 30.5 million km of the world on August 12, and reached the brightness that can be observed by the naked eye in the same month. As a result of the spectral observations made using the 5.08 m telescope of the Mount Palomar Observatory, on the 2nd of August, Ikeya's comet, which reached the point of the end of the Sun's 118.500.000 km. Jesse L. Greenstein and Dr. Antoni Stawikowski proved on this Comet that one of the rare isotopes of the carbon atom. The present invention shows that these skiers, who came to the vicinity of the Sun, emerged from the rest of the Earth in the early period of our Solar System and from the remaining materials in the formation of planets. For the first time, a rare isotope in a Comet was found and its density was measured. Considering that the ratio of C13 to C12 atom in the Ikeya Comet is between 1 and 70, this number is very close to that of the world (1 to 90). Astronomers based the discovery of this isotope on the unusual luminosity of the Ikeya Comet. We see that many successful cometers have patiently observed an average of at least 100-300 hours to discover a comet. Kaoru Ikeya spent 335 hours before finding the 1963 curved star. The Japanese amateur astronomer, Kaoru Ikeya, made use of a self-made 20 cm f / 15 mirror telescope while the half a dozen comets he discovered were eyes on. According to the Japanese amateur astronomer Kaoru Ikeya: "To discover a comet, to name its name in the sky".

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