Senegal parrot (Poicephalus senegalus) is a parrot species of the parachute (Psittacidae) family, its head, neck and throat and cheeks are gray.

The gray color extends to the top of the chest in the form of a pointed triangle. Chest, chest sides and abdomen are orange-yellow. The upper part of the back and the wings are green. The underglaze is yellow. Beak is black. The iris of the eyes is straw yellow in adult birds, gray in fledgling birds. The height is 24 cm. Female and male are the same color.

Senegal, Gambia, Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana, northern and northeastern Nigeria, northern Cameroon, southwestern Chad. She is loyal to her region, but changes the distance to search for food. The Senegalese parrot was even found at an altitude of 1000 m.

The Senegal parrot enters the mid-level parrot group. It whistles and emits some treble tones. It is very quiet compared to other species of parrots. During the day there are more periods of sound.

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