Norse, Germanic or Scandinavian mythology are pre-Christian religions, beliefs and legends of Scandinavian people. B.C. 1000 years later, many European countries spoke Indo-European language. B.C. In the middle of the first millennium, they lived in the region of Southern Scandinavia and Northern Germany. Their dissemination and advancements were made in the BC. It continued until the 2nd century. Therefore the Scandinavian and German mythologies are on the same foundations and have many things in common. Snorri Sturluson's Ed. (1179-1241) contains many of these legends. The creation details of mythology were based only on Snorri, based on a variety of sources. In the beginning there was space (Ginnungagup). Before the world existed, there were 11 deaths in Niffleheim. In the south of Niflheim there was another warm world; Muspell; Where the giants protect. The Giants here called Stur Black. Niflheim's rivers were frozen. These rivers were called Ginnungagup. One day, the sparks in Muspell fell on the rivers and melted the rivers. Droplets formed from molten rivers formed Ymir and other male and female giants were formed from Ymir's sweat. There is another version of the myth of creation: the melting drops took the form of the most primitive cow. With Audhu; cow feeding Ymir with milk. At the same time with the Audhum lick the pieces of salt gives these blocks the first human shape. First human Buri. Buri has a son who is married to Bolthor, the daughter of a giant; Boron. They created Bolthor by Odin, Vili and Ve, and they created Bor and they killed Ymir. And then they created two trees. Two trees that are thinking, breathing, hearing and seeing ... These trees were the first models of the human race. Askr (ash tree → ash tree) to men, women also said Embla (Ivy). Then they created the Asgard. The abode of the gods. In many other versions, Snorri mentions the fate tree Yggdrassil. He describes how glamorous he is, how he has risen splendidly in the center of the earth. The destiny beneath the tree is depicted as a feminine form, and human life is thought to start from here. In some versions, it is mentioned that the great assembly of the Gods gathered here and took decisions. This tree has three roots; One of these roots goes to hell, the other goes to the land of the giants, and the last root goes to the world of people. The happiness of the whole world was tied to this first tree. The Nordic gods gather in two groups; The gods of Aesir and Vanir. The most important gods of Aesir; Odin, Thor, and sometimes Tyr, the important gods in Vanir are Njord, Frey and Freya. Vanier; It symbolizes wealth, productivity and fertility. It is symbolized by land and sea symbolizing fertility. Aesir; It is symbolized by all other values. Odin is a sorcerer, chief of the gods, and the head of all heroes. Thor is the god of the hammer and dominates the air. In many stories, the two live in peace and help each other. The most important mythological stories tell of a very brutal war between Vanir and Aesir at a time in the distant past. Some scholars see this war as a reflection of the encounter of the German race with other races. Georges Dumezil and Jan De Vries found that war and division between the gods were part of the Indo-European mythology.

Known triad; the gods of war and Vanir, the god of war, routed the hierarchy together. In Scandinavian mythology, the contradiction between Odin and Thor began when his godly status remained in Vanir. They begged Aesir to send her a woman, Gullveig. Then there was the war. After being exhausted on both sides, the two parties exchanged their own group members. Vanir gave Njord and his son Frey, and Aesir gave Mimir and Hoenir. This temporary peace was celebrated with all the gods gathering and creating Kvasir. Kvasir was later sacrificed as a symbol of peace and happiness. And a drink was created for the gods from the blood. Thus Kvasir became a drink that drank the Gods and inspired the bards. Another important mythological legend tells Balder and Loki. Balder, one of Odin's sons, appears here as the god of reason, love and knowledge. In heaven, it maintains a place called Glitnir. In all kinds of disagreement, all the gods come to him because of his justice, and Balder is expected to achieve justice. And Balder does justice. Loki is a giant adopted by Aesir. Loki and Odin made a friendship agreement. One night, Balder has a very disturbing dream about his own death. His mother, Frigg, swears to protect the water, fire, all elements of nature, birds, monsters, earth and stones, and Balder. So Balder becomes Immortal. After that, Aesir takes Balder to the midst and has fun with him. Her little arrow, stone, etc. they throw things. Because of this oath, Balder is faced with infidelity. Loki wonders when she saw this drama and asked Frigg as a woman and asked her what had happened. Frigg mentions about his feed and adds that the only thing that doesn't get into the oath is the mistletoe. Hearing this, Loki immediately brings mistletoe to be served to Aesir. The blind god will give it to Hoder on his own will, so he can join Balder in his play of suffering. The arrow of the mistletoe is thrown to Balder and Balder dies. Aesir wants to take revenge on the perpetrator of this incident, but they cannot do this because of the sanctity of their place. Balder will go to Hel, that is, where all the dead go, because he is not a warrior and has not died in a war, and therefore cannot go to Valhalla, the place of heroes. Balder can only get out of Hel when Odin lets him out and at the same time tears every living and dead creature out of him. Otherwise he will be bound to stay there forever. Upon this prophecy, Aesir sends ambassadors to the whole world. He commands nature, humanity, the gods and the tears to give them to Balder. All living will accept this. Of course, except for Thork, the queen of the Giants. And he's definitely determined not to cry. When Aesir realizes that Thork is Loki, he chains him to put an end to his evil tricks.

According to the prophecy, Loki will somehow break his chains and this will be a sign that all demons will lose in the great battle against the gods of monsters and giants. In Ragnarok Odin is eaten by wolves Fenrir. Later, he was killed by Vidar, the son of Fenrir Odin. After that, the terrible battles between the gods begin. God Heimdall and Loki fight until they meet and kill each other. And then the Earth is destroyed by a fire. The universe begins to sink into the sea. This last self-renewal continues. The world rises again from the sea, greening, full of plants. Aesir's dead sons return to Asgard and follow the path of their ancestors.

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