Soğuksu National Park, was established in 1959 as the National Park. Its proximity to Ankara is both advantage and disadvantage. It is located within the boundaries of the Kızılcahamam district and is 80 kilometers away from the center of Ankara.

Its land is a volcanic field. For this reason, there are plenty of hot and cold water sources and they are also used in thermal tourism. The highest point is Arhul Hill with an altitude of 1789. Larvae (65%) is composed of black pine (24%), Fir (6%) and Oak (5%). - Flora has a rich plant structure today, but unfortunately the flora is in danger of extinction due to global warming. - 800 hectares of the National Park area is located in the forest area and 250 hectares is in the openness. 1/3 of the site is used as the protection area. - In the National Park area, there are animals such as brown bear, golden jackal, wild boar and more than 35 bird species. - In addition, the endangered land vulture is also protected in the National Park. - In the production farm connected to the park, there are the red partridge, grass partridge, hawk, pheasant, quail and dove.

There are also 16-kilometer ring road, administration building, guesthouse, casino, spring water management, tourist hotel in the park.

It is a camp site especially preferred by scout groups operating in Ankara. In order to make an overnight stay in the National Park, it may be necessary to obtain permission from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. Security guards may not consider your overnight stay without the permission of a forest fire and in winter when few visitors arrive.

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