Seed warbler (Sylvia melanothorax), euphorbia (Sylviidae) is a species of warbler settled in Cyprus.
Their height is approximately 13 cm. Females and males have different hairs, like other warbler species. Their look is similar to the warbler with glasses, they are separated from them with their black-and-white feathers. Adult men's back is gray, heads are black and beak tops are white patched. Unlike other warriors, the lower parts are predominantly black. Females are more greyish, head gray and white speckled in light. His feet are red. His songs are fast and vivid, similar to the Masked Cross. They are found in open and dry areas, on the hill slopes. They make their nests in the bushes. They select short bushes or mule-like plants for the nest. They lay 4 to 6 eggs and incubate. Like other warriors, they feed insectivores, and sometimes they can eat mountain fruits.
Cyprus, Turkey Goksu are located in the delta. They spend winter in Turkey. These small birds are short-lived immigrants and migrate to Israel, Jordan and Egypt in the winter.

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