Doobie Brothers, American rock music band. They sold more than 22 million albums from 1970 to the present.

Michael Hossack
Tom Johnston
John McFee
Patrick Simmons
Guy Allison
Marc Russo
Ed Toth

Older members
Dave Shogren (bass guitar, guitar, back vocals)
Tirana Porter (bass guitar, vocals)
(1972-80, 1967-92)
Keith Knudsen (drums, percussion, vocals)
Jeff "Skunk" Baxter (guitar, back vocals)
(1974-1980, 1987-1992)
John Hartman (drums, percussion, back vocals)
(1969-1979, 1987-1992)
Michael McDonald (keyboard, synthesizers, vocals)
(1974-87, 1995)
Bobby LaKind (percussion, back vocals)
Chet McCracken (drum, percussion)
Cornelius Bumpus (saxophone, flute, keyboard, vocals)
Willie Weeks (bass guitar, back vocals)
Dale Ockerman (calvye, guitar, back vocals)
Jimi Fox (percussion, back vocals)
Richard Bryant (percussion, vocals)
John Cowan (bass guitar, back vocals)
Danny Hull (saxophone, harmonica, keyboard, back vocals)
Bernie Chiravalle (guitar, back vocals)
M. B. Gordy (drums, percussion)
Ed Wynne (saxophone)

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