The Jubilee Synagogue (Czech: Jubilejní synagoga) is a synagogue in Prague, Czech Republic, also known as Jerusalem Synagogue. This synagogue is called Jerusalem Synagogue because it is built on Jerusalem Street. Built in 1906 in honor of the silver anniversary of the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I, the building was designed by Wilhelm Stiassny. The synagogue, designed with the Moor Animation style of architecture, uses Art Nouveau decoration, mainly interior design. The building, which has been recently restored, is still used for religious purposes. When the Czech Republic was separated from the Austro-Hungarian Empire and became independent, the synagogue of Jerusalem Street began to be used for this synagogue.

The plates in the Zigeuner synagogue, which were destroyed by the city renewal campaign, were transferred to the Jubilee synagogue built due to the same campaign.

Moor The archeological style of the synagogue, which uses the synthesis and the art nouveau styles synthesis, has arches of the horseshoe, and the built-in columns support the three-storey building with the women's gallery. The building with the red and white stones is the most striking part of the building. There are Moor elements in the designs drawn with Art nouveau style in the building.

The building, which has been serving for worship for more than a century, has opened its doors to tourists and architects since April 1, 2008.

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