Ahmet Vehbi Koç (July 20, 1901, Ankara - 25 February 1996, Antalya), Turkish industrialist and businessman.
He started neighborhood school at the age of 10. Hacı Bayram took his first lesson at the ebi Topal Hoca’n School n next to the Mosque. After Mahalle School, he started primary school in a rented house next to Hacı Bayram Mosque. She finished first in her class. Later, he went to Ankara High School (high school), which is called as ’Taş Mektep in (School of Medicine) which is located at the place where the Faculty of Medicine (Ihtisas Hospital) is today. But his life did not last long.
Vehbi Koç began his career in 1917, selling footwear staples, sugar, cheddar cheese, olives and pasta in a small grocery shop opened by his father for him. The first company named "Koçzade Ahmet Vehbi" was registered in Ankara Chamber of Commerce in 1926. In 1928, he became the local representative of Ford Motor Company and Standard Oil (now Mobil ) while dealing with trade . When Ankara became the capital, by seeing the need for construction, the building materials entered the business. He opened branches in İstanbul and Eskişehir (1938) and grouped Koç companies under Koç Ticaret A.Ş.

With the agreement made with General Electric in 1948, he made the light bulb factory in 1952 . Koç took a big step in 1950 and started to produce automobiles, home appliances, radiators, electronic devices and textiles. Bozkurt Mensucat, Arçelik (1955), Demir Döküm (1954), Türkay, Aygaz (1962), joint cable factory with Siemens , Gazal and Turkish Electricity Industry were established. In addition, the production of tractor Fiat began under license. The first initiative in the automotive industry has turned into a full-scale industry by Aries. After the agreement with Ford Motor Company , assembly of trucks started in 1959 and today's leading automotive company Otosanestablished. local first series production car Anadol after being produced in 1966 in Turkey, Vehbi Koç to improve the economic activity of the FIAT agreement with Tofas ' s second wolf and domestic vehicles were produced in 1971, Murat. Thanks to the small spark launched by Vehbi Koç, today's major automotive industry and sub-industry companies have been established.

Vehbi Koc Koc in 1963, all companies of Koç Holding gathered under the umbrella of Turkey's economic life has taken another important step. It started this step by Turkey Vehbi Koç Holding era of the horse and was followed by many businessmen. The Group also has international partnerships with well-known companies such as Fiat , Ford Motor Company , Yamaha and Allianz .

More than 108 companies have been formed under the Koç Group in its 76-year career. Many companies in different sectors such as food, retail, finance, energy, automotive, tourism and technology have been established. Koç Group is today one of the world's largest 200 companies with an estimated 80,000 employees, turnover of $ 40 billion, exports of $ 900 million, and an annual investment of $ 500-600 million.

Vehbi Koç retired in 1984 to spend more time on social activities. His son, Rahmi Koç, took over leadership of Koç Group companies.
In 1987, the International Chamber of Commerce elected Vehbi Koç as the "Businessman of the Year" and took his plaque from Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in New Delhi .

In 1994, United Nations Secretary - General Boutros Boutros-Ghali awarded him the "World Family Planning Award" for his contributions.
  • Life Story ( My Life Story ), 1973 (Turkish and English)
  • My memories, visions, advices ( My Memories, Vision, Advice ), 1987 (Turkish and English)

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