8 mm , the film strip eight millimeters, a width that is the film format . There are two basic formats: Normal / Standard 8 mm Super 8 mm . Standard 8 mm Standard 8 mm film format , the Great Depression during the 16 mm an amateur film format in order to create cheaper Eastman Kodak developed by the company and in 1932 was released in the year. The 8 mm film rollers actually comprise a 16 mm film , but this film has two holes ( perforations ) that are at 16 mm on both sides of the film , and is shot at a single half of 8 mm of 16 mm film at a time. When the first half of the movie is fully used, the camerathe film is turned upside down (the design of the film holes ensures that this is done correctly) and the other half of the same film that has not yet been shot is used. When the film is to be washed, the film is divided into two, so as to produce two 8 mm films with holes on one side; then 8 mm, 16 mm to fit in the four times more film frames are fit. After recording on one side, sometimes the film format is called Double 8 mm , because the film reel is reversed for recording to the other face . The standard size of 8 mm is 4.8mm x 3.5mm and 1m film contains 264 pictures. As can be expected, the shots are shot at a frame rate of 8 frames per second and 16 frames per second. Ordinary length film reels allow for 3-4.5 minutes shooting at 12,15,16 and 18 frame rates per second. In the early 1990s , Kodak stopped selling standard 8-mm film, but continued to produce this film format, which was sold through independent film shops. The black-and-white 8 mm film is still produced in the Czech Republic , and many companies obtain a significant 16 mm film and re-drill them, and then cut these films 7.6 cm long and collect them on special 8 mm film reels to obtain standard 8 mm films. Re-drilling requires special equipment. Some experts can produce super 8 mm film from existing 16 mm film and even from 35 mm film. Super 8 mm Film: In 1965 , Super 8 mm film was released and adopted very quickly by amateur filmmakers . The image quality is better than 8 mm, due to its cartridge system (the film does not need to be inverted and re-inserted).

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