Archytas or Tarantola of Arhitas ( Greek : Ἀρχύτας ο Ταραντίνος d. BC 428 ; d. BC 347 ), early Pythagorean tradition of the last important representative of the mathematician, statesman and philosopher. Taranto is an influential politician who has been elected by seven consecutive commanders. Plato (Magenta) 's friend. The philosopher, who was among the Pythagorean philosophers and lived after Socrates, was named after the pre-Socratic thinkers . The Pythagoreans have tended to explain the universe with a mathematical system, and in this direction a kind of intuitionism and mysticism Have. In contrast to the ideas of Democritus , the Pythagoreans tended to count the universe with matter and suggested the deceptiveness of the senses. A critical approach to this is seen in Archytas and his followers. They have developed the proposition "We cannot know the true qualities of objects with our sense of touch or with other sensations . " He has been influential in mathematics , physics , philosophy of music , mechanics and politics . life Archytas was born in Taranto and spent his entire life here. In addition, information about Archytas' family and life is very limited. In the water (10th century Byzantine encyclopedia) Archytas' father's name is mentioned as Hestiaeus. Certain information about which instructors he got his training from is also scarce, but since he was a Pythagorean, it is inferred that he was probably educated by Filolaos (470 BC - 385 BC), one of the most important Pythagorean philosophers of the time, and who had been in Taranto during the same period . Based on the same inference, it is estimated that he also received one semester of training from Eurotus of Croton . The only known student of Knidos (Datça peninsula, Muğla) Eudoxus'type. Archytas period is one of the important statesmen. He was elected to the rank of general with a plebiscite seven times. Platon by sending a ship Syracuse tyrant Dionysius II 's were rescued from the hands (BC 361). There are no exact records on how he died and the cause of his death. Scientific contributions Archytas was the first person to apply mathematical principles to mechanics. In doing so, he tried to find solutions through geometry by reducing the problems to the system. Delos Problems The most important contribution of Archytas to geometry is known. The Delos problem or the Delian problem is based on an ancient Greek myth. According to legend, a plague prevails in Delos and the public appeals to the Delphi priest in order to find a cure for this disease . The answer of the priest is that if they make another cube altar in size twice the size of the cube-shaped altar in Delos , the disease will leave the island. . Archytas solved this problem through three different surfaces using three-dimensional geometry. Considering the age he lived, Archytas is remarkably worthwhile.

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