Dark Arts isaseries ofyoung adult fantasy novelsconsisting of three books written by Cassandra Clare . Seri is only the first book out of theseriesof deadly toys introduced shadow shavers. This series alsodescribes the time ahead in the Fatal Toys series, that is, the fourth series of chronological novels in the Legends of Shadowbreaker . In addition, events will be in Los Angeles Emma Carstairs , Jace Herondale after the best known as shavers. In this series, Emma encounters many difficult decisions about her family's death and her love life. He also answers the questions about why you should not have an affair with your own parabatain. Blackthorn knows his family like his own family and does everything for them. He is close friends with Cristina Rosales and is former ex-girlfriend of Cameron Ashdown. Julian Blackthorn is Emma's parabata. At the same time he had to take on the responsibilities of his younger siblings and the Los Angeles Institute at a very young age. Mark Blackthorn is a semi-fairy semi-shader. After years of living in the Wild Hunt, he returned to his family in Los Angeles. Cristina Rosales is a shadowmaker who is eighteen years old and Emma's best friend. He now learns the culture of the Lagoon at the Los Angeles Institute and compares it to the Institute of Mexico, where he came from. Diego Rosales is a shadder who is a distant relative of Cristina. Diana Wrayburn is a mentor to the young shaders at the Institute. Arthur Blackthorn is the head of the Institute that shocked and traumatized the events of the Dark War. Kieran is a member of the Av and the prince of the Peri World. Malcolm Fade is the demon master of Los Angeles. Gwyn ap Nudd is the leader of the Wild Hunt. Her first book The Midnight Lady received many good reviews. The booklist criticized "There is a lot to be enjoyed ... also all described in a fresh and perfect way". Publisher's Weekly "Cassandra's advanced heroes, complex and action-packed side-series, confusing family ties and magnificent magic system continue to evolve," said Cassandra Clare, and the newly released series made an interview about the Dark Arts .

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