Doomsday Superman is one of the bad characters in the comic book . Subject According to his story, 2,500,000 years ago, Krypton was created by a scientist named Bertron ( most often Krypton (comics) ) . It is controlled by Brainiac. The only thought is to destroy everything. It appears in the world and begins to destroy everything that comes in front of it. JLA tries to stop him, but he can't be successful. Finally, Superman comes out and makes an epic battle in Metropolis. During this war, half of the city was destroyed, but Superman succeeded in stopping Doomsday. He then met Superman Doomsday a few more times (Hunter Prey, The Doomsday Wars, Our Worlds at War, Infinite Crisis Battle of Metropolis). In the 825 edition of Action Comics, Gog and his army fought together with Superman to stop them when they came to kill Superman. forces Great super-human force, endurance, rapid recovery and regeneration, each time they are killed (when they are more defeated), and gaining immunity to the method in which they are killed in every resurrection.

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