The coat of arms of Angola is the official state emblem of the African country used by Angola . Arman from the left half of a gear, and on the right side cotton, in a wreath consisting of coffee and corn branch joint is positioned such that the upper portion and the middle Socialist symbolizing revolution has a large five-pointed star. At the bottom of the star, there is an anchor and a scimitar that is crossed to form the cross of the Andreas. It refers to farmers and the struggle for freedom. Under these, there are books that symbolize education and culture, with pages of clear white pages. On the back of the area within this wreath, which is resting on a blue background, there is the newborn, the rays of the sun from the horizon, and it also represents education and culture. In the lower part of the country the official language of the country is Portuguese.The country's name is REPUBLICA DE ANGOLA (Turkish: Republic of Angola ).

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