It was originally composed by the French author Joseph Berchoux in 1801, which consists of combining the Greek word "Gastro" and the law "Nomy" derived from the word "Nomos" in the sense of the rule. Meaning; It can be translated as meal law.

Hundreds of years of experience in cooking and the accumulation of food have brought the vital importance of food to a state of pleasure and pleasure. The joy of taste and visuality has made the importance of the term Gastronomy noticeable and it is seen as a science.

Gastronomy is a discipline that examines the relationship between culture and food. The process of gastronomy is the subject of all processes ranging from edible ingredients to hygienic and health-ready, to the utmost palate and eye pleasure, to the preparation of the table for preparation.

Gastronomy, hygienic, well-arranged, pleasant and delicious kitchen; The layout of the food and the system also means.

It is a study of Charles Darwin's interest. While Darwin was reluctantly studying theology at the University of Cambridge, he became a member of the "Gourmet Club"; they gathered once a week in this club and were trying to eat animals that were not normally in the menus. The gourmet club was testing the hawk and the hawk.

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