George Berkeley , ( March 12, 1685 - January 14, 1753 ), is an English thinker who argues that only souls and the souls exist in the world, but that matter does not exist. He was an Irish Protestant who had been educated at Trinity College in Dublin . He has published all his philosophical works ( Experiment in the Perspective of a New Vision Theory in 1709 , a Essay on the Principles of Human Knowledge in 1710 , and Three Speeches in 1713 between Hylas and Philonous) in his twenties. He has worked hard to improve higher education in the New World; for this purpose, he spent three years in American colonies. Rhode Island 'on farm and library, 1701 which was founded at Yale University ' what was left. One of Yale's faculties was named after him. The city of Berkeley in California also has its name. Berkeley died at Oxford in Oxford at the age of 67 .

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