, Suzanne Collins ' s created and Hunger Games The characters in the series. The main source of income comes from the 12th Mıntıka, a coal mining, from the region called Dikiş. He participated in the 50th Hunger Games, which were one of the quarter century games, and he gained a systematic error he noticed in Arena by turning in favor of his intelligence. President Snow killed his mother, brother, and girlfriend two weeks after the Games . That's why it's an alcoholic. Every year he mentors new Fees. 74. Games'He mentors Peeta Mellark . Thanks to the gifts and events he sent with Katniss, he helped to win the game. The winners were kept close to 5min on the night of the announcement of the winners for the first time because of the fact that they kept the trophy alive not 1 but 2. Catching Fire 'in 2nd Quarter Century in the Games is selected, but instead Peeta Mellark would be voluntary. While Katniss and Peeta are in the Games, Haymitch, Plutarch Havensbee and other winners start to revolt against the Capitol and take the Tribes out of the arena and take them to the 13th District where the Rebels are. Mockingbirdhe continues to serve as a mentor to Katniss, who is now officially the face of Rebellion, but who caused trouble for rescuing Peeta, and commanded Rebellion. At the end of the story, Haymitch begins to live in the 12th rebuilding area, which was rebuilt with Katniss and Peeta. And the character, in his book The Hunger Games, asked him, "What?" But Haymitch said, "He didn't get drunk and laughed this time." "Stay alive./Hayatta stay." remembered

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