Hedonism or Hedonizm , cyrenaics 's, i.e. Socrates 's pupil Aristippos ' s (ca. 435-355) is teachings. It is a philosophical view that the pleasure is absolutely good, that human actions must be planned in a way that will ultimately provide pleasure . According to Aristippos, the reason for every behavior is to be happy. Life is a necessity. It is human emotion. Our information is as much as we can with our feelings, it does not go beyond it. That is why Aristippos tells us to turn to the pleasure brought by our feelings, to escape the pain. The best is good, pleasure. But the real pleasure is constant. Continuous pleasure can also be reached with wisdom. Epicurus is also one of the philosophers who continue to be ready. However, Epicurus prefers the spiritual pleasure of Aristippos's bodily pleasure. The greatest pleasure for him is the serenity of the soul. This is achieved by wisdom, not by pursuing bodily pleasures. At the same time, the camps where people change their spouses in order to add excitement to their sexual lives in the west are called this and they are known as the camp of the camps. Example story: "When a famous athlete is about to get into his car, a woman approaches him. He tells the athlete that he has a small baby, that he is very ill and that he cannot pay for the costs of the hospital, that he comes closer to death every day. gives women and I hope the baby you spend the best days of leather. Athletes next day at the club approached a friend of him while having lunch, the last day the children of a woman he was talking with you and say that you gave a check of installed woman theyhe says. The famous athlete, 'Yes, what' happened. His friend said, "That woman is a fraud, getting close to rich people and getting money by saying that she has a sick baby. I'm afraid he would break with you. ' he says. The athlete said with great joy, yani Isn't there a baby who is expected to die? That's the best news I've heard this week. he says. "

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